About Chris

Chris Color Head Shot photoChris has spent the last 25 years working in a wide variety of software development organizations. He has:

  • Developed simulators to research new cockpit designs for the US Air Force
  • Built software for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing
  • Led teams in the construction and shipping of an online banking platform that served seven of the ten largest banks in the US
  • Led an organization responsible for delivering health and wellness solutions to over 30 million users at many of the largest employers and health plans in the US

Chris “grew up” as an individual contributor and software developer, working his way into front line management, then director level, then to senior executive positions. He knows first hand that the skills needed to become a great engineer often aren’t the ones that will make you a great leader and manager.

Executive Experience

A brief recap of Chris’ executive experience:

  • VP of Engineering and CTO at Fiserv / Corillian through its growth phase, IPO, and eventual sale to CheckFree. Chris led the product engineering and product management functions for over seven years.
  • Original CTO at TSSI / ProjectDX where he remained until its sale to Renew Financial.
  • SVP of Engineering at WebMD Health Services where he led not just product development, but also client integration work and live site operations.

Agile Experience

Chris is a Certified ScrumMaster but even more importantly has over 15 years of first hand experience leading agile teams. This started with Extreme Programming (XP) in the late 90s, then Scrum / Agile, and finally to Lean /Agile techniques.

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