Master Email Writing and Productivity

Master email writing and productivity

For the past year I’ve been developing a series of workshops on leadership, communication, and productivity for professionals working in technology roles. I’ve delivered in-person, three-day sessions four times this year, each stimulating real change and garnering favorable reviews. Many of the skills I teach are are universal, and one section of this class – my workshop on written communication and email – is now available online. In this workshop I teach how to:

  • Write clear messages
  • Improve the email culture within your team
  • Stop email from being a distraction
  • Implement a simple system to improve your productivity with email, saving hours of time each week

This workshop takes just 1–2 hours to complete, and for about the next month you can enroll for free. Over the next 90 days I’ll be launching a comprehensive, fee-based, online training program.