Avast Exclusions Not Working! Know How To Fix.

To exclude certain locations from scanning, many users create exclusions on Avast. Keep in mind that any such specified location may be skipped if you won’t add it under the system scan.

It is suggested that you must follow the accurate steps of excluding files, folders or any disk from scanning viruses. In case you find Avast exclusions not working, you need to check this.

Let’s start with the types of exclusion and how to exclude file in Avast

Types of Exclusion in Avast:

Avast program exceptions could be of two types-

  1. Temporary Exclusion

In this type of Avast file exclusion, users go with the custom scanning process.

Suppose you want to exclude any specific file to quick the scanning process and ensure that it becomes 100% without any delay in scanning, follow these steps-

  • Open Avast Antivirus
  • Click on Scan on the main window
  • Select ‘Create Custom Scan’ at the lower right corner
  • Click on ‘Exclusions’
  • Select ‘Browse’ to add files, folders and disks to exclude
  • Click on ‘Add’

It’s done. Now you can proceed with Scan. With this activity, you have excluded them temporarily for this particular scanning period.

Hope you get to know the procedure of how to make exceptions in Avast temporarily.

Remember that Avast will automatically include all these locations when you use scan the very next time. If you want Avast program exceptions service again, you need to select them like you did before. Or else, you have to make the changes permanent.

  1. Permanent Exclusion
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As the name suggests that it will create permanent exceptions, you need to select the locations wisely. Follow these steps-

  • Open Avast Antivirus
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Antivirus’ and scroll down
  • Select ‘Exclusions’ and browse the locations
  • Click on ‘Add’ and insert them to the exception list

Depending on installed antivirus (Avast Free Antivirus/ Avast Internet Security), you can find DeepScreen as well as Hardened Mode Security.

In case you want to exclude the locations from this type of scanning, you need to browse the file paths again and select executable file for each task. If you won’t choose them, antivirus may not skip scanning the executable files of the application.

No doubt, this could be the reason why Avast exceptions not working issue. So, you need to make sure that you have added the locations correctly.

Hopefully, you get the answer to your query “Why do Avast exclusions not working?” Not to mention, it is entirely your choice whether you go with temporary or permanent exception.

Another Method of Adding Avast Exceptions

Some users prefer adding exclusions for specific Avast shield. If you want to make such changes in your antivirus, follow these steps-

  • Right click on ‘Avast’ icon in Taskbar
  • Select ‘Open Avast User Interface’
  • Choose ‘Settings’ at the bottom left
  • Go to ‘Active Protection’ option and Choose ‘File System Shield’
  • Go to ‘Customize’ and Select Exclusions

Now, you have to add the file locations, URLs and folders to add them to the exclusion list.

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Do Exclusions Affect Computer?

Avast Business Antivirus, Avast Internet Security or Avast Pro makes it simple to choose the endpoint protection on your own terms. This is done by users in order to fasten the scan time by not allowing such programs to scan.

If you can identify known safe programs, you too can exclude preferred locations and skip them from the scanning process. It won’t affect your PC or produce no harm in any way.

Is Exclusion Actually Needed? – Let’s Find Out

It is clearly known that antivirus check for virus and may include certain important known programs. It is called false positives or false alarms.

When users are sure about these programs or files, they want to exclude it from the scanning list such that it won’t show similar results the very next time.

Thus, exclusions are important to avoid false positives and let antivirus scans other files. In this way, you are definitely saving the overall scanning time.


Keeping in mind that you can choose any preferred location and file, you must do exclusion in the scan settings.

For more information related to Avast, you can share your query below.

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