‘Chrome Bookmark Icons Are Blank’ How To Fix?

Some Google Chrome users face the problem of missing bookmark icons or they are completely replaced by blank pages.

The first step to getting rid of this issue is to restart the browser or sometimes, it is required to set the Chrome settings to default and reboot the PC.

But this method is not gathering a good response from users all over the world because they still find chrome bookmark icons blank on the browser.

This is the reason that I have come up with this article on how to solve the issue when you find your chrome favicons missing.

Read this article properly and get to know the solutions to be done on your own.

Some Important Facts

It has been noticed that some users scratch their heads and ask ‘What happened to my bookmarks?’ No need to get panic, it happens due to uncertain changes in the browser files.

You may think that update had to do something with it. Although the exact reason is still unclear, you can follow the methods discussed below to fix the issue. Alternatively in case you are trying to restore the thumbnails of most visited websites , then you can go ahead and read this post.

What To Do If Google Chrome Bookmark Icons Are Missing?

In your browser, you need to clear history, cache and all private data. It is the ideal way to get back the missing bookmarks.

Follow these steps-

  • Open ‘Chrome’ browser
  • Click on the ‘three dots’ at the top right corner
  • Select ‘Settings’
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It will open the Chrome Settings and you need to scroll down.

  • Click on ‘Advanced’ and keep scrolling down

You need to search ‘Clear browsing data’ and click on it.

It will open a new window on the screen and ask you to select a few options divided into two sections Basic and Advanced

Here you get Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files and so on. Tick on all these options and click on ‘Clear data’ to erase it.

This process will take a little time to complete. Also, you can select the ‘Time range’ for clearing them. It is better to choose ‘all time’ by scrolling it down.

Once done, you need to restart the browser and you can notice the bookmark icons.

In case it is not visible on the browser, you need to open the saved bookmark links. It will then start showing you the missing icons.

Some users say that they can’t erase history. In that case, you need to bookmark them all and follow the steps discussed above.

After its completion, you can get them back. And, this is how you can solve the issue when bookmark bar disappeared from the browser.


Remember that history is how the website tracks you. So, it is better to keep clearing them once per week or alternated days.

Additional Method: Use Disk Cleanup

To solve the chrome icons missing problem, disk cleanup is also a good way and get your disappeared icons back.

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Follow these steps-

  • Type ‘disk cleanup’ in the search box on the taskbar
  • Click on ‘Disk Cleanup’ desktop app

It will open a small dialog box with a few options to choose.

  • Select ‘Local Drive’ from the list, for example, C: or D: or E:
  • Click on ‘OK’

It will take a few seconds to minutes to complete the process. And then-

  • Type ‘disk cleanup’ again and right click on the desktop app
  • Choose ‘Run as administrator’

It will again open a similar dialog box with a few options.

  • Choose the recommended drive
  • Click on ‘OK’

Wait until the process gets completed and close all the running from the main screen.

  • Now, type ‘cmd’ in the Windows search box
  • Click on ‘Command Prompt’ desktop app

  • Type ‘explorer %USERPROFILE%\Pictures​’

  • Hit the ‘Enter’ key
  • Type ‘Exit’ and click on ‘Enter’ to close the window
  • Reboot the PC

Once you logged back into your computer, you can find no more chrome bookmark icons blank on the browser. Though this process seems to be too long, it is simple to operate.


This is all about the problem-solving steps when users get surprised and say ‘my bookmarks disappeared and I don’t know the solution.’

Follow these steps and enjoy browsing the web as per your choice. For any help, you can ask your queries in the below box.

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