‘Diagnostic Policy Service Is Not Running’ On Windows 10

Surfing the internet is a rejoice thing for many users. But it is frustrating to have network problem that won’t enable them to access the web.

You might query yourself on what to do if it shows limited connectivity or no internet access in the Windows status bar on the ‘Internet access’ icon.

If you are using Windows 10 and have no idea of how to fix it, you need to follow these steps-

  • Right click on ‘Internet access’ icon
  • Select ‘Troubleshoot problems

It will open ‘Windows Network Diagnostics’ dialog box and you can notice-

Once the problem has been detected, it will highlight the issue-

It is likely that you will receive ‘diagnostic policy service not running’ error message when you tried to diagnose the network.

Some users could also get ‘diagnostic policy service Error 5: Access is denied’ message on the screen. No need to get worried as every possible measure has been explained in a systematic manner here.

Before discussing how to fix it, let’s know a little about it in the next section-

What Is Diagnostics Policy Service?

It is an inbuilt feature of the Windows operating system that helps in detection problems related to the network. It troubleshoots the Windows components and finds out the issue.

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Suppose this service is not enabled, it is not possible to diagnose the problem.

Why Does Windows Network Diagnostics Error Happen? 

A number of reasons can lead to creating such problems on to your computer. It includes misconfiguration of the system, antivirus and several security programs. The most common reason is the installation of third-party apps.

However, there is a solution for fixing the diagnostic policy service disabled problems.

How to Run Network Diagnostics Successfully?

Before trying any method of Internet diagnostics, it is better to reboot your computer. Also, you need to reboot the router or your preferred network device completely.

Once done, you need to check your connection again. If the problem still persists, you need to follow these methods in a step-by-step procedure.

Method 1: Use Command Prompt

Since you have already done with troubleshooting the internet, you need to perform the next step-

  • Type ‘cmd’ on the Windows search box
  • Right click on ‘Command Prompt’ desktop app
  • Select ‘Run as administrator

It may ask you to choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ where you need to select ‘Yes’ option.

  • Now, type ‘net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice’

  • Press Enter
  • Again, Type ‘net localgroup Administrators /add localservice’
  • Press Enter

In both cases, you will get a message ‘The command completed successfully’. It means that error has been fixed. Now, type ‘Exit’ and hit ‘Enter’ key to close this window.

To ensure the changes on to your Windows 10, you need to troubleshoot problem again. In most of the cases, there will be no more issue. It means that you can surf the web now.

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Method 2: Check Diagnostic Policy Service Status

It is another helpful method for solving the problem.

Follow these steps-

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ keys
  • Type ‘services.msc’ on the Run dialog box
  • Click on ‘OK’

It will open the ‘Service’ Window

  • Scroll down and right click on ‘Diagnostic Policy Service’
  • Choose ‘Properties’

  • On properties window, select ‘General’ tab
  • Choose ‘Startup type: Automatic’
  • Click on ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’

It’s done. Now, you can check the network connectivity by troubleshooting networks.

Method 3: Network Adapters Reinstallation

In case the above-discussed methods won’t let you solve the diagnostics policy service problem, you might have malfunctioned network adapters.

It could happen due to multiple operations and you need to reinstall it to fix the issue.

Follow these steps-

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ keys
  • Type ‘devmgmt.msc’ on the Run dialog box
  • Click on ‘OK’

It will open the ‘Device Manager’ window on the screen

  • Double click on ‘Network adapters’ option
  • Pick the respective driver
  • Right click on it and select ‘Uninstall device’

It will take a few seconds to minutes for completion of the process.

  • Go to the ‘Action’ tab on the menu bar
  • Select ‘Scan for hardware changes’

Now, you need to reinstall the driver on to your Windows 10 PC. Reboot it then and check your internet connection. It is likely that you won’t get any error and you can enjoy surfing the web.


Before uninstalling the drivers, you must be aware of the fact that you know the procedure of reinstalling them. Or else, it is better to choose ‘Update driver’ after selecting the preferred Network adapter.

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Once done, you need to restart your computer for applying the necessary changes. And, run the troubleshoot problems to check the Network Diagnostics error if any.

Method 4: Do SFC Scan

Many users prefer ‘SFC scan’ to replace any incorrect versions of Windows OS programs with correct Microsoft versions. It is really a worthy process that experts often suggest to all.

Follow these steps-

  • Type ‘cmd’ on the Windows search box

  • Open ‘Command Prompt’ desktop app

  • Type ‘Sfc /scannow’ and Hit ‘Enter’ key

It will run the process which takes a little time. Once done, you need to reboot the PC. Now, do the troubleshoot problem test and ensure that there is no issue left.


Changing the Windows registry settings can also solve this issue but it requires a little technical knowledge. This is because simple modification in the registry settings can lead to corrupted files or even crashing of the operating system completely.

So, it is recommended for the personal computer users not to do it manually. You can definitely hire a nearby expert for solving this issue.


If you follow these methods, there would be no errors related to ‘diagnostics policy service is not running’ on the Windows 10 operating system.

So, you must follow them as it is explained and make sure that you can enjoy surfing the web without any difficulties. For any help or query, you can comment below and fix your doubts.

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