‘Failed-To-Load-Library-D3DX9-Dll Files’ – Issue Resolved

Are you tired of annoying DLL file error messages? No doubt, it really creates a frustrating situation and you want to control your PC back.

You must know that the cause is due to a single problem only that often links to Microsoft DirectX.

It is used by Windows-based gaming programs as well as advanced graphics programs. If d3dx9 dll is missing in the collection or corrupted, it could lead to creating such errors.

While running the programs, you can get a message such as ‘failed-to-load-library-d3dx9-dll’.

Nothing to get panic as there is a solution.

How to Fix D3DX9.DLL Failed To Load in Windows 10? 

You can notice these errors on your computer which don’t enable the users to begin the game.

The first and foremost thing that you can do is to reboot the PC and restart the game again. In some cases, it works and you can enjoy your play.

However, there could be a need for d3dx9 dll download and without updating it to the latest version, it won’t work. You can download it from here .

You can find the same DirectX installation program with its latest version online. So, download them and install it such that it will replace the older version of the files.

Some Important Tips

  • At times, viruses and similar programs could create such errors. You can do a full scan of the computer using antivirus and retry playing the game.
  • Scanning can be done from Command Prompt. Open this window and type ‘sfc/scannow’. Press the ‘Enter’ key to start scanning the files. It is also a useful step to fix corrupted system files with ease.
  • Updating the system drivers is another option when none of the above methods work
  • In some cases, users have to upgrade their Windows operating system
  • Another way is to uninstall the game program and reinstall it. Some users also prefer reinstallation of the operating system as well to enjoy their game.
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Final Words

Hopefully, you get to know all the necessary steps that you can perform on your own.

If you follow these methods, it is likely that you won’t experience ‘failed-to-load-library-d3dx9-dll’ error message in Windows 10.

For more details or professional support, you can comment below and solve your queries.

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