Fix Windows Photo Viewer Slow Issue – An Easy Guide

Windows Photo Viewer is an inbuilt application that comes with our Windows Operating System. Many of us use this app primarily as the default photo viewing application on our system. But at times the uses find that the Windows Photo Viewer Slow to load certain files.

Are you facing a similar issue and looking for solutions? Then, your tiring search ends here. We are going to help you to fix the Windows Photo Viewer not working problem. Scroll through to have a look at our exclusive guidance on troubleshooting the issue. Although if you are seeing an overall slowness of the PC make sure you check out how to properly defrag your PC to improve performance.

Fix Windows Photo Viewer Slow Issue – Methods To Fix!

There can be numerous internal issues that cause you the problem. Going through different Windows forum what we have found is, mostly the Windows 10 users tend to get affected by this error. Below are some of the most common issues reported by the Windows OS users,

  • Windows 10 photo viewer not working
  • Windows 10 won’t open pictures
  • Microsoft photo viewer not working
  • Photos won’t open in Windows 10
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Does any of the above errors look familiar with the problem you are facing? Then, it’s worth having a look at our solutions!

Solution 1: Delete the Display Profile in Color Management

Due to specific issues with the Windows Display Driver Model architecture, you might have to face this issue. Deleting the display profile can fix the problem. Follow the steps below and remove the display profile in color management,

  • Firstly, press the Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog box on your PC

Then, type colorcpl.exe in the box and hit the enter button

Now, Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and Select ‘Change system defaults…’ at the left bottom of the window

  • Then, Choose the default profile and Click on the Remove button
  • If there are other profiles with the calibrated term in their names then, you will have to delete them.
  • Finally, close all the programs and restart Windows

Problem not solved yet? We have some other fixes as well.

Solution 2: Set Windows Photo Viewer as Default Application

Make sure you have chosen the Windows Photo Viewer app as the default photo viewing app. Follow the steps below,

  • At first, open the Control Panel from your PC and Click on Default Programs icon there
  • Then, Click on Set your default programs link
  • Now, Select Windows Photo Viewer from the list
  • Finally, Choose the ‘Set this program as default’ option
  • Now, close the window and check whether the problem is resolved or not. If the problem persists, try some other solution from here.
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Solution 3: Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter can help you to fix the problem. Go through the steps below to run the troubleshooter and fix Windows Photo Viewer Slow issue.

  • At first, Press the Windows Logo Key from your computer
  • Now, type Troubleshoot to search the app troubleshooter program on your PC
  • Then Click on Troubleshoot and Scroll down to the bottom
  • Now, Select Windows Store Apps
  • Then, Select Run the Troubleshooter tab
  • Finally, complete the process of troubleshooting by following the simple on-screen instructions

If none of the above two solutions work, you must consider trying the third one. Have a look below,

Solution 4: Reset the Photos App

Resetting the Photos App might fix the problem you are facing. Follow the steps below and reset the Photos App to fix your Windows 10 won’t open pictures issue.

  • Firstly, Press the Windows Logo Key + X on your keyboard at the same time

Then, from the list Open ‘Settings’

Next, Click on Apps and from there go to Apps & Features

  • Now, Scroll down and locate photos from the list of Apps
  • Then, Select the App and Click on Advanced Options
  • Now, Click on Reset to reset the application
  • After successfully resetting the app you need to update the app.
  • Go to the Official Microsoft Store online
  • Then, click on the three horizontal dots at the top right
  • Now, click on Downloads and Updates
  • Then, check if there is any update of the is available or not
  • If there is some update follow the on-screen instructions to update the application.
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After resetting the app successfully, open the image file with which you were facing the problem and check whether the problem got resolved or not. Still facing the same issue? Here is another resolution for you,

Solution 5: Uninstall and Reinstall the Windows Photos App

  • Press the Windows Logo Key + X at the same time
  • Then, Click on the Windows Powershell(Admin)
  • Click on Yes if prompted
  • Now, as the Windows Powershell opens put the following command there and hit the Enter button
    get-appxpackage Microsoft.Windows.Photos | remove-appxpackage
  • This will uninstall the application on your PC.

After uninstalling the app, you will have to install it back. You can open the Windows Powershell again in the way as mentioned above and use the following command to get the Windows Photo app back in your computer.

Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.Windows.Photos | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”


Anyway, Folks! We are at the end of this conversation. After proceeding with each of the solutions, your Windows Photo Viewer Slow issue will be resolved. Don’t forget to ping us if you have any problem in proceeding with the steps. Simply, put your queries in the comment section below, and we will get back to you within minutes.

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