How to Disable Firefox Multiple Processes in the Task Manager?

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source free web browser. It is common to have many processes open for a single window which enhances the web performance of the users.

But the fact is that some users face issues like slowness or hanging of their computer when they run Firefox. It may also crash its current tabs or any other programs that they want to run.

The reasons could be the configuration of the computer that won’t enable the browser to work with these processes. It is then necessary to disable Firefox multi process and reduce it to one.

According to the reports, disabling Firefox multiple processes can solve the problem. If you have noticed slowness or hanging of desktop/ laptop, you need to read this.

Before discussing the methods, you need to know how to check the multiple processes of Firefox in the Task Manager-

Checking Firefox in Task Manager

  • Right Click on the Taskbar
  • Select ‘Task Manager’

  • Go to ‘Processes’ tab and Click on ‘>’ sign before Firefox

The Firefox multiple processes may vary from users to users. Here it is showing seven different processes for a single desktop app ‘Firefox (7).

  • Go to ‘Details’ tab and scroll down

This will show you multiple firefox.exe processes running on the computer.

How to Stop Multiple Instances of Firefox in Task Manager?

To disable several processes created in the Task Manager, you can perform any of the two methods discussed below. Also, you can go with both of them with ease.

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Method 1: Set Content Process Limit

It is a very simple process. You need to follow the below points-

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • Open ‘Firefox’ browser
  • Type ‘about:preferences’ in the address bar
  • Press ‘Enter’

On the ‘General’ tab scroll down to ‘Performance’ option

  • De-select ‘Use recommended performance settings’
  • Set Content process limit value to ‘1’ from its default value

This is the ideal method when you want to choose how many background processes should be running in the background. You can also set the value as per your preferences such as 2 or 3.


You can select or de-select ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ for the content process. It won’t consume too much memory.

Remember that setting the limit to 1 (one) could work for most users. But others may complain about Firefox two processes in the Task Manager.

If you have noticed it, you need to read the next method and follow the same.

Method 2: Change the Config Value to False

It is another simple method to change the settings of the browser.

Step-By-Step Procedure

  • Open ‘Firefox’ browser
  • Type ‘about:config’ on the address bar
  • Hit ‘Enter’

It will ask you whether you want to log in or want to stay out.

  • Click on ‘I accept the risk’

It will open about:config page on the screen and you need to look for ‘browser.tabs.remote.autostart’ in the list.

Suppose you are running Firefox browser 57 and below, you need to find ‘browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2’ in the list. And, the former context is for latest version along with 58+ versions of the browser.

  • Double-click on it to set the Value to false
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It’s done. You need to close the browser and reopen it to use it for surfing on the web.


You must know that changing the config value has solved multi-process problems in almost all cases. It has also solved the problem when users say Firefox won’t open but process is running in the Task Manager.

In case it doesn’t work on your computer, you need to uninstall the browser. Now, reboot the PC, reinstall the browser, follow method 2 and it’s done.

Again, Checking the Firefox in the Task Manager

After completing the methods of disabling Firefox multiple processes, you must check whether it is working or not-

  • Right Click on the Taskbar
  • Select ‘Task Manager’

  • Go to ‘Processes’ tab

The number of processes with the name of the Firefox will not be shown now.

  • Go to the ‘Details’ tab and scroll down

This will show you the one-single firefox.exe process running in the computer.

Video Walk through Of the Process


This is all about the methods of disabling multiple background processes of the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser. Once you follow the above-explained steps, you won’t get such problems.

In case you want to roll back to the default settings of Firefox multiple processes, you need to follow the same method and set the default value ‘4’ (may vary with browser versions) in case of Content process limit.

For Method 2, you need to double-click on the ‘browser.tabs.remote.autostart’ in the list and it will be done.

Hope this information has solved all your queries related to several processes that Firefox brings with its installation. In case you have any query, you should feel free to comment us.

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