How to Remove Ads From Spotify ?

Spotify is a service which the users can use to stream music, videos, and podcasts. Users can access millions of videos and audios through the service. People like this service because everything available on the website is free.

Users just have to create an account or access the site through social media account credentials like Facebook. Users can access the free version from a mobile, laptop or any other device. Spotify Premium is a paid version and users have to pay a fess to access it.

Spotify free version has many ads that are too annoying when users are watching videos or listening to music. If users think about how to block ads on Spotify, here are the tools that will help to block Spotify ads from Spotify.

Ways To Remove Spotify Ads:

If you can remove the ads without tampering the software and that too free, what could be better than that? Isn’t it? You can use any of the below software to block the results:

StopAd Plugin

Users have to install this plugin on the PC. This will automatically block all the get rid of Spotify ads of the Spotify. After installation, users have to go to settings and then click Applications. Here they have to click the Search app and then enter the name of Spotify.

After that, they have to choose the app and then click Add to filtering.  If still, the user is seeing ads, he has to check whether StopAD assistant is enabled or not. If it is not so, he has to enable it so that ads could be blocked. This app works only on PCs but not on Android or iPhones.

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DRmare is a Spotify ads remover tool, which helps the users to download songs from Spotify without any ads. Users just have to login to the website and drop the links on the DRmare app.

Users have to choose the format and the songs from the app will be downloaded. DRmare is not a free tool and users have to pay some money to download it. The payment has to be done only once and the tool can be used for a lifetime.

Proxy Switcher

It is free software, which can be downloaded and installed easily. The download and installation take several minutes but after it is downloaded, it can be set in order to block the ads from Spotify. When the application is launched, the interface seems to be blank. Users have to use the free proxy list and copy it to the tool.

Now look for a + button n the interface and click it. A popup will be displayed and the user has to paste the proxy list in the popup along with the port. Now users can click the proxy lists and use Spotify free without any ads.

TuneFab Spotify music converter

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter is an app that is used to get rid of all the ads. The app can be used to convert the music in different formats and ads can also be easily removed.  Here are the steps to use the app.

  1. Download and install TuneFab Spotify music converter, which will take several minutes.
  2. Add the music link from Spotify into the app.
  3. Select the format by going to Options and then to Advanced.
  4. Click Options and go to General. Here uses can click the folder in which the song is to be saved.
  5. Click the Convert button and enjoy the music free from ads.
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Spotify Ad Remover

It is a tool, which can help the users to block ads from Spotify freeware. Users can also uninstall the app if they find that the app is not working properly. Using the app is very easy.

Run the Spotify Ad from the Administrator account. Now click the block button, which will block all ads on Spotify. After doing this, the app can be closed. There is no need to run the app n the background.


NoteBurner is a tool, which users can use to convert the music on Spotify into various formats. The songs can be copied to the CD and also can be shared with the help of emails. Here are the steps, which the users can apply in order to block ads through the app.

  1. Import the music from Spotify to Noteburner. Users can click the + sign. When a popup is displayed, copy and paste the links from Spotify in the popup. Click Add and then click OK.
  2. Choose the formats in which the songs are to be downloaded.
  3. Select the preferred folder in which the songs are to be stored.
  4. Start downloading.
  5. Click Convert and the songs will start downloading. After the completion of the download, the ads will be completely removed from the tracks.

Wrapping Up

These are the few tools, which the users can use to download songs from the Spotify service without any ads. Another way is to purchase Spotify premium through which users can use Spotify without ads and there is no requirement of installing any tool.

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Users have to pay a fee of using the premium version. However please be informed that Spotify might disable your account if they find out you are using a adblocker. These are the steps and users need not have to think how to get no ads on Spotify pc.

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