How to Solve Driver PNP Watchdog Error?

 Most of the Windows users facing “Driver PNP Watchdog Error” while installing Windows updates. This error usually occurs when the windows user tries to upgrades to Windows 10 version.

During such time, the update gets initiated but freeze at the middle by display BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) with Driver PNP Watchdog Error. The reasons for such an issue might be due to outdated drivers, damaged PC registry, viruses or malware or faulty hard drive.

Thus, the user cannot able to install main upgrades when Driver PNP Watchdog Error comes. There are different methods to easily solve Driver PNP Watchdog Error.

Methods To Fix Driver PNP Watchdog Error

The solution for what is watchdog windows 10 and the steps involved in fixing the errors are given in the below-mentioned topics.

Automatic Solution

Fixing system errors is not a simple task as you think because it requires some above-average skills. Therefore, if you are not experienced enough then you can prefer for automatic tool.

Note: All repairing tasks must be done in “Safe Mode with Networking”. In order to load your system for this specific mode, consider the following steps:

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1

  • Step 1: You must reboot your PC or laptop
  • Step 2: When you turn on your system press F8 Button
  • Step 3: You will get “Advanced Boot Options” menu in the screen
  • Step 4: Choose “safe mode with networking”
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For Windows 10

You cannot able to access the windows configuration when the Windows 10 fails to load. In such a situation, you can try with this simple method. For that, Windows 10 gets into “Automatic Repair Mode” when it gets fail to boot three times.

To turn on the “Automatic repair mode”, you have to press the reset button after viewing the windows logo.

By doing this correctly, you can view the windows screen showing that your windows are ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’.

  • Step 1: After completion of “Automatic Repair” loading,  press “Advanced Options” menu button
  • Step 2: Choose “Troubleshoot” option on the next screen
  • Step 3: From the Troubleshoot, choose Advanced options and then Startup settings & then press the restart button
  • Step 4: After restarting the Windows 10, you need to press F5 to “Enable safe mode with networking”

Once windows get loaded, download CCleaner & launch it. After downloading, open ccleaner & press scan button to run windows errors & registry issues. The program will identify and fix all the errors thus preventing OS from booting.

Manual Solution For The Error

If the above auto repair fails, you will have to go for the below mentioned manual methods. Which if followed properly can resolve the issue as good as the automatic method.

Solution 1: Remove Problematic Registry Entries

The windows 10 watchdog error can be fixed by removing the problem causing registry entries

  • Step 1: Press Windows Key + R
  • Step 2: Type “regedit” and press “enter” button
  • Step 3:  Consider the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS\
  • Step 4: Eliminate the below-mentioned entries
  • PendingXMLIdentifier
  • AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving
  • NextQueryEntryIndex
  • Reboot your PC
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Note: This method works only for older OS. It will not work in Windows 10

Solution 2: Re-register The Needed Components

Here are the steps to re-register the components required for watchdog registry

  • Step 1: Start your Search for “command prompt” as administrator
  • Step 2: Input the following commands and press Enter button after each

  • Step 3: Then exit and reboot PC

Note: Users who are not sure regarding the system type which they use then just right-click computer icon and select properties in the window to view the information regarding system version.

Solution 3: Permit VSS Copy

  • Step 1: Visit control panel
  • Step 2: Modify the view type to “Icons”
  • Step 3: Select “Administrative Tools” & go to the “Services” tab
  • Step 4: Double click the “Volume Shadow Copy” service present at the bottom of the window
  • Step 5: Press “Startup type” menu & choose “Automatic”
  • Step 6: Confirm it by pressing OK button

Solution 4: Delete the Conflicting file

You can use this method when the error message occurs when you are installing software via InstallShield

  • Step 1: Go to C:\Program files\common files\InstallShield\Professional\Runtime\ISProbe.tlb
  • Step 2: Then remove ISProbe.tlb file

Note: You are supposed to view hidden folders and files to identify the file. To accomplish this, open “control panel” & click “folder options”. In the window page, consider tab ‘View’ and select the option “Show hidden folders, files and drivers”.

Solution 5: Rerun windows update

There are situations where your windows update gets disrupted or halted by background process thus creating Driver PNP watchdog problem.  Thus, it is recommended to rerun the windows update.

  • Step 1: Consider the start button and input settings to choose “launch settings”
  • Step 2: Consider update and security menu
  • Step 3: In the windows update screen, check for recommended updates and install needed updates
  • Step 4: After that restart your PC
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From the above-mentioned article, you might have come to a conclusion that you can make use of any solution listed above to potentially solve Driver PNP watchdog problem.

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