What Is Mrtstub.EXE File? Know The Details Of The File!

Many users query about ‘what is mrtstub.exe on external hard drive?’ that they found in a strange location. You may also get a file with ‘mrt.exe._p’ name on the drives.

When I discovered it for the very first time, it was on my disk C in location C:\8d8283e7d090c34343dd3432aa\mrtstub.exe. The first thing that came to my mind- ‘Is this file a malware or virus?’

I’ve done an extensive research and found that it is neither a virus nor a malware. If you keep it as it is, there will be no harm to your computer. But it is advised to delete this file.

In this guide, I’m going to share you the details on mrtstub.exe Windows 10 file and how to get rid of it in simple steps.

What Is Mrtstub.EXE Application? 

When Malicious Software Removal Tool runs on the computer, it randomly creates a number of temporary files. Each of these files is stored in a specific directory on the root drive.

Over the course of scanning period, any unexpected system behavior or an error will skip the temporary file and may remain behind after the completion of scanning.

In these cases, you will find mrtstub.exe and other files on strange locations. Though it doesn’t have any adverse effect on your hard drive, it is better to remove the same.

A handful number of users prefer restarting their computer after running Malicious Software Removal Tool. This process will fix the issues and automatically remove the temporary files on the next start of the computer.

In some cases, it has been seen that temporary files remain stored on the drive. If you found these files, there is nothing to be bothered about. You can follow manual steps to delete them permanently from your hard drives.

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How To Delete Temporary Files Such As Mrtstub.EXE?

As you already know, it is not a virus or malware. You can ignore the mrtstub.exe removal process. But there is a risk that malwares may alter their identity and resemble themselves as the said application file.

It is then hard to eradicate those files from your hard drive. And, it may also affect your computer system with time.

So, follow these steps and delete it as you found one-

  • Open ‘Windows Explorer’
  • Type the file name in the search box
  • Press ‘Enter’

If you get a list of files with the same name, select them all by pressing the keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl + A’ and press ‘Delete’ button.

It will ask you for the confirmation. So, you have to click on ‘Yes’ to remove them from your drives. Now, close Windows Explorer and go to Recycle Bin.

Check whether these files are present in it or not. If you found these files, select them all and delete it permanently from your hard drive.

Bottom Line

While searching for ‘mrtstub’, you must check files such as mrt.exe._p and $shtdwn$.req because these may remain hidden in other locations.

Once you found them, remove it permanently and keep your system protected from unexpected errors. It is better to delete the entire folder containing the file.

Hope this information on ‘what is mrtstub.exe’ has solved your queries! For any other information, you are free to comment on the below box.

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