What Is Reparse Records Processed? – Explained in Detail

When users perform Check Disk or CHKDSK, the results show File Records and Reparse Records as a list of statements.

It shows if there is something that could be a bad sector for the computer hdd. This feature is especially for the NTFS file system.

It needs to be done when users face problem due to hard disk. And, its reports help in understanding the level of damage that creates the problem.

What Is Reparse Records? – Let’s Find Out

It establishes reparse points that allow a file to collect data while accessing the program every time it runs on the computer.

And the thing is- reparse points usually get installed along with the installer set up operation.

How to Get CHKDSK Results? – Learn the Steps Here

Checking your disk is a simple process and here you will get to know the count of reparse records processed. But it is not advised to perform this operation frequently.

Follow these steps-

  • Type ‘cmd’ in the Windows search box on the taskbar
  • Open ‘Command Prompt’ desktop app
  • Type ‘chkdsk’ and hit the ‘Enter’ key
  • It will then start checking the files in three different stages that include-Stage 1: Examining basic file system structureStage 2: Examining file name linkageStage 3: Examining security descriptors

It will take a little time to complete the process.

Suppose everything is perfect in your hard drive, you will get notice as ‘Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems. No further action is required.’

In case there is a problem in the hard disk, it will show error message as bad sectors. Also, you will get to know the number of bad sectors in kilobytes or KB.

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The Best Solution:

Not to mention, bad sectors are bad for your computer hard disk. It can be removed by formatting the operating system but it may arise again.

It is thus always beneficial to do a full format to let it become fine.

Surprisingly, some bad sectors don’t allow the system to get formatted because it is marked as written to the drive. In this case, you need to hire a computer technician for help.

Also, it is good to get help from an expert when you find a bad sector problem. The knowledge and experience of these individuals will help in solving it quickly.


Hopefully, you get to know about reparse records processed and the CHKDSK command.

It is now easy to perform this task on your own. If you have any other query or need professional help, you can message us in the below box.

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