Windows 10 Error Code 0xc004c003 – Know How To Fix!

It has been surveyed and found that many users get Windows activation error code after upgrading to the latest version or by doing a fresh install.

If you are getting Windows 10 error code 0xc004c003 upon installation, no need to feel depressed. It is related to the activation process.

And, there are multiple reasons why users might get Windows activation error code 0xc004c003 when they try to activate the operating system.

In this article, I am going to explain them all and let you know how to fix it with ease.

How To Fix ‘Windows Can’t Activate Try Again Later’ Error Message?

Before doing the fixation, it is important to know the reason why a problem occurred when Windows tried to activate and check the solution-

  • It could happen because the product key is not valid and it may show key blocked So, you need to check whether you have installed a genuine copy of the operating system or not.
  • It happens when activation servers are busy. It means you need to wait for at least a couple of hours to activate it again.
  • If Windows upgrade is not appropriate, this may show an error message that implies we can’t reactivate windows on this device. Try again later. It could be fixed if users do an in-place upgrade of the operating system.
  • At times, an issue with the hardware can show unable to activate Windows after hardware change. Here you need to contact Microsoft for assistance.
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Well, these things are pretty common and could be fixed.

Some users also get an error message with activation server determined. It is a little alteration of the thing explained above and could be fixed using the explained methods.

In case any of these processes won’t solve your problem, there is a need of clean installation of the Windows 10.

It means that you need to install a fresh ISO file and activate your operating system again.

Additional Method – Perform Troubleshoot

As you might know that Windows connect the servers to rectify the license and activate it online, any glitch in the network could lead to errors.

To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps-

  • Click on the Notification icon at the right bottom corner on the taskbar
  • Go to All Settings

  • Select ‘Update & Security’ on Windows Settings

  • Click on Troubleshoot
  • Choose Windows Update
  • Select Run the Troubleshooter

It will take a little time to recognize the issue and proceed. Note that this process could take up to a few minutes to hours. So, you need to be patient.

Once done, you need to restart the computer manually if it doesn’t ask you for doing it so.

Upon restarting, it is advised to enter the activation key again. It is likely that you won’t face any trouble and you will get an activated Windows 10 operating system.

Can This Solve The Problem? – Know Here

In most of the cases, it has fixed the issues. If the problem still exists, it is likely that you need to update BIOS settings.

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Since the operating system is closely related to computer BIOS and its hardware, it is advised to take a look before taking any further action.

If you are not aware of the process on how to upgrade BIOS, you need to hire a technician. It is the best way to make the changes effective.

Remember that any unusual change in the BIOS could lead to several problems. So, there is no need to check it on your own if you aren’t aware of the same.


All potential solutions have been explained related to Windows 10 error code 0xc004c003.

Now, it won’t be a difficult task to fix the issue. In case you need further assistance, you can surely contact/ comment in the below box.

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