Windows Can’t Stop Your Generic Volume Device – How To Fix?

From our research, we have found that many of you are facing a problem with windows can’t stop your volume device when you are removing your USB device. It is the problem which occurs frequently to most of the user who uses a USB device for mass storage purpose.

 So in this article, we are going to share the solution regarding windows can’t stop your volume device and many more problems relating to this topic.

 Windows Can’t Stop Your Generic Volume Device

At most of the time when you try to remove the USB device from your computer by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon from the taskbar, at that time a message box pops up at the front of the screen of your monitor and which state that “difficulty Ejecting USB Mass Storage Device”.

“Windows cannot stop your generic volume device as a program is still using it”. So from the next time whenever you will see this type of message pop up at the front of your monitor screen at that time you have to close any of the programs which are using in that device and then after some time you have to try again.

The other way to solve this problem is that you have to close the dialog box at first then click on the “ok” button.

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Solutions To Fix “Windows Can’t Stop Your ‘Generic Volume’ Device”

Although there are several ways to fix the issue. We have mentioned the ways which would work for everyone.

Method 1: Empty Your Clipboard

The first way to solve this problem is that copy and paste some of the files to the hard drive instead of the USB disk.

 If you will use copy and paste command from the USB Drive than the files are put into the clipboard of the system and it will be in a stand by status earlier than they are pasted to the destination. Hence you can copy and paste additional data on hard drive & clipboard will discontinue the use of the USB device.

Method 2: Eject USB Disk Using A Free Partition Manager

You have to use free partition manager “PartitionGuru” with the help of partition manager you will be able to remove the USB device from your computer. Follow these steps:

1:- First, you have to launch the PartitionGuru and then Choose USB storage device which you want to remove

2:- After the first step you have to click on Disk and from the list choose “Safely Eject Disk”. In this way, the disk will be easily removed from your computer and you can unplug it from the USB port.

How To Eject Passport In Windows 10

Here in the below steps, we have discussed how you will be able to safely and easily remove the passport in Windows 10. For knowing this you have to go through each and every step thoroughly.

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1: – At the right-hand side corner button off your computer you will find a system tray icon where you have to Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon.

2: – Now you have to Select a device which you want to remove.

3: – Now you have to wait for the message “Safe to Remove Hardware”, and then unplug the device from the USB port.

Windows Refuses To Eject Mass Storage: How To Deal With It?

Here we will share some of the five tricks and with the help of these tricks, you will be able to safely remove the drive, even when Windows says you it is not safe.

1: – Use Windows Own Tool– You will get to see safely remove hardware icon in the notification area, you have to click on that Icon after that you have to choose the device which you want to.

Then you have to wait for a message which will pop up in the front screen in your monitor. You will be able to remove the hardware only if it says “Safe to Remove Hardware”.

But if the message says “This device is currently in use” then you have to follow the next step which we have discussed below of this paragraph.

2: – Make An Educated Guess– If any document, photo, or other file are running on the external drive then you have to close all those applications at first. Because Sometimes the application can hold onto a file even you close it.

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You can also examine both the application and process tab if you want to see anything is holding or not, you can do this with the help of Task Manager.

3: – Use A Third-Party Utility– Even after following all of the above Steps you are unable remove the hardware then you have to use one third-party app and believe me it is one of the best apps to solve this problem above all it’s free. You can download it here . There are also several other apps!

Once you install this software it will replace own window and it will remove the hardware tool too. If any problem occurs at the time of removing the drive from your system then this software will let you know that which program is causing the trouble, and it will close that program automatically.

4:- Shut Down The PC– The Last way left is that to shut down your PC before shutting down your PC you must save all the open file and then after sometime reboot your system hopefully it will work properly after that.


We hope that after reading all the solution which is given in this article you will not have any problem with Windows can’t stop your volume device. Still, you are facing issue comment down below in the comment section. Or you can also contact us via our contact us page.

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