Windows Setup Could Not Install One Or More Boot-Critical Drivers! How To Fix?

For some group of users, it becomes a difficult task to run and operate their Windows computer properly.

It mostly happens during the initial days when users are not aware of the warning messages and how to fix them in simple steps.

Suppose you have assembled a PC and using it for a few months now, it may slow down with its performance. In some cases, a partial/full format is the solution.

If you know the said process and trying to reinstall the operating system, you may get an error message ‘Windows setup could not install one or more boot-critical drivers. To install Windows, make sure that the drivers are valid, and restart the installation.’

No doubt, it could create a panic situation and retrying the installation will again show a similar message. Now, the only way is to check your drivers before performing this operation.

Follow The Below Methods To Resolve Windows Setup Could Not Install One Or More Boot-Critical Drivers

You can follow the methods to try resolving the issue. If the issue is still not resolved feel free to leave us a comment and we will be able to help you out.

1) Remove all external drives

If you have attached any additional external drive which is in no use, you need to remove it from the PC.

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Unplug it soon, remove unnecessary USB connections and media drives such that they won’t partially involve in the process.

Now, try to install the operating system again. It is likely that Windows setup will select the driver to install it properly.

Users who are still getting similar message need to follow the next method.

2) Check BIOS Settings

It has been noticed that disabled or partially enabled USB or DVD drives could lead to creating such errors. In this type of situation, you need to enable them in the BIOS.

Suppose you have a USB flash drive support for operating system installation, you need to enable USB drive during boot.

For DVD drive support, you need to have a bootable disc with Windows ISO file. And, this is the way to boot drivers for Windows 7 and later versions.

If you are using the latest version, you can go with Windows 10 troubleshoot boot.

3) Create New Installation Disc

At times, the USB flash drive or DVD drive may cause an error because of multiple scratches and similar reasons.

Here you need to create or use a new installation disc such that your computer can read it clearly and install the respective Windows operating system.

No doubt, this will solve the critical boot drivers’ problem associated with the disc or USB flash drive.


All these methods are so simple to perform and you can do it on your own.

In case you are not finding it hard, you need to call a technician. It is the only way left to solve ‘Windows setup could not install one or more boot-critical drivers’ error message.

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Note that some users prefer the full format of the computer hard drive. If you have already backed-up the important data, you too can do the same.

It is a good way to get rid of the error and ensure complete clean of the hard drive. So, the choice is yours now.

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